Translations and corrections  

Moravian English College currently co-operates with a wide range of translators and editors, both native English and Czech speakers.  We have wide experience with texts of all kinds with a particular interest in academic, legal, economic and artistic translations. Our team includes the following individuals. We would also like to include information on the various organisations we currently co-operate with.


Mgr. David Livingstone, B.A.
J.D. Pamela Lewis
J.D. Joseph Ference
Simon Gill, M.A.
Daniel Lee, B.A.
David Richardson, B.A.
Mgr. Luk? Merz
Mgr. Martin ?t?rba
Mgr. Martin Kol??
Mgr. Viktor Duda
Mgr. Ji?? Vyml?til


N?rodn? divadlo v Praze
?esk? televize
Rada galeri? ?esk? Republiky
P??rodov?deck? fakulta Masarykovy univerzity
Filozofick? fakulta Univerzity Palack?ho
Pedagogick? fakulta Univerzity Palack?ho
Fakulta t?lesn? kultury Univerzity Palack?ho
L?ka?sk? fakulta Univerzity Palack?ho
P??rodov?deck? fakulta Univerzity Palack?ho
Rektor?t Univerzity Palack?ho
Ekonomick? fakulta, V?B Technick? Univerzita Ostrava
Moravsk? galerie v Brn?
M?sto Olomouc
Muzeum um?n? Olomouc
Galerie um?n? Karlovy Vary
Obecn? d?m Brno
Muzeum m?sta Brna
EYOWF 2011 (European Youth Olympic Winter Festival 2011)
Skanska CS a.s.